I was recently on holiday in China and had the opportunity to do a little gig while I was there! I was invited to feature on a daily talk show on Beijing TV called ‘Beijing Ke’ which basically means ‘Beijing Visitor’. In Chinese culture you simply do not take your baby out for the first month so newborn photography is not something they do traditionally (or have even heard of!) and they were so intrigued to see what we can do with a 5 day old baby!

It was quite an enjoyable experience and I am happy that I have been able to contribute to raising awareness of newborn photography. This is a quick shot I did right before the taping and my younger one was still running around on the stage (far right of image) having a blast! 🙂 Not sure when the show will air yet (I have recently also supplied them with some video of a live newborn photography session in Sydney that they will include in the show) but I will upload a video.