Here are a few of my favourite newborn baby photography images for April 2012! I hope you like them! I have included images that have had some of the best feedback on Facebook as well as a couple that I just adore myself.

10 day old newborn and 16 month old both looking at the camera and both smiling! How precious is this! PLUS what a pair of handsome boys!!

One of the most beautiful pictures I have ever ever ever EVER seen!

Perfecto!!!! Mission impossible and you did it Jade! Mum and Dad better love it!!!

Love your work, this is absolutely adorable 🙂

It’s truly perfect. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent.

I loooove the layering of textures in this Jade- very clever. It works so well!

I wish they had a “love” button rather than just like…. Love the basket too…


I love it when clients bring in their own things to use as props 🙂 Love this hat Dominic’s mum brought!!


Super cute babe, stunning colored beanie, gorgeous blanket = amazing pic!

So beautiful!