About Newborn Photography by Jade

Hi, I’m Jade
I am a newborn photographer. Newborns are my favourite subjects to photograph. I feel honoured to have each and every opportunity to document the astonishing new lives. There is nothing more joyful than those photos of a new baby. Those photos are the ones you will always come back to look at along your babies journey. They are the only tangible link to your memory that you will cherish for a life time and probably will be passed done through your family’s generations.
Why Newborn Photography by Jade?

I live and breathe Newborn Photography. In comparison to other types of photography, Newborn Photography has many specific requirements and requires a different mind set and skill set. We source our props from around the world as well as making our own. If you have babies and toddlers if possible I will also attempt to include them in the shoot so that you will have some family images to choose from. I work very hard both during and after your photoshoot to ensure you receive amazing images of the highest quality.